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    nodes not loading in processDefinition

    shilan kalhor Newbie

      Hi forum,


      recently we have upgraded from jbpm 3.0.1 to 3.2.8. but new problem occurs with the old code.

      when i try to find the regarding processDefinition from database using this code


      GraphSession graphSession = jbpmContext.getGraphSession();
      processDefinition = graphSession.findLatestProcessDefinition("processCoreName");


      i note that processDefintion nodes don't load giving following exception:


      Method threw 'org.hibernate.LazyInitializationException' exception.- illegal access to loading collection


      but if i hard code the xml definition in the code and then just load the processDefinition, everything would be okay and

      all nodes will be load respectively.


      can you please help me to resolve the issue, is some newly added columns is empty or null causing this problem?