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    Deploying JEE 2 Application with Axis2-Jars into JBoss 3.2.3

    anis Newbie



      we have to extend our old J2EE Application by an Axis2-Client in order to access a web service, so we had to add the axis2 jars to our application.


      Now it is not any more possible to deploy the application into JBoss because we get a wide varierty of classloading problems especially concerning the xml-handling classes, which are also included in jboss bit in very older versions.


      I have tried the following things:


      1. Replacing the old jboss jars with new ones
      2. isolating the classloader of the application, even by overriding the server classes (using java2ParentDelegation=false)
      3. Migrating the applicatioon to JBoss 4.2.3GA



      Non of these steps has worked!!


      Do you have any idea how I could solve the problem?   


      I have attached the config files I modified