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    Hibernate set table name dynamically at runtime

    Travis Woolworth Newbie

      Hello, this is my first project using Hibernate so I have very little  experience but also haven't found the solution to this on Google, I see a  lot of posts asking this same question, but never any clear answers on  what the solution is so I figured it's time to ask the pros.


      Essentially  my problem is I have 1 database containing all of my tables of 3 basic  types, Users, Groups, Addresses. Now to save on performance those 3  types have been split into the respective state of where they are  located. Exampe as follows.


      ---Arizona Users---
      ---California Users---


      Both  Agent_AZ and Agent_CA will always have the same structure and the same  can be said about the other types, the only difference between them is  that Arizona doesn't need to ever look-up / hold the information from California as they never need to know each other exist at ANY point  of time. My project has the 3 classes for the structure of the columns  using Annotations and I know on a normal implementation you can just use  Table(name="Agent_AZ") but obviously I don't know Agent_AZ until I've  gotten some information from the user so I basically need to accomplish  Table(name=agentState).


      One thing that should be said is once  I've set the table at no point do I ever need to change it again, they  are stuck with those tables until the end of the application life cycle  so I do not need to constantly change the table, only set it initially  at runtime. I know if I really wanted to I could probably just make 50  Agent Classes that extend the base Agent class all with there own  respective state name but I figured there has to be a more manageable  way to accomplish this as that just seems silly... If you have an answer  or a suggestion please keep in mind I'm extremely new to Hibernate so I  may need detailed explanations to keep up. Thank you in advanced.