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    High Availability Setup of HornetQ with JBoss in Cluster

    Balraj Kannan Newbie



      I have a doubt related to consuming messages from a queue in High Availability mode and the HornetQ servers are setup in a cluster.


      I have an active and stand-by instances of HornetQ (2.1.1) running in JBoss (5.1) and a MDB running on a different instance listening on the queue.

      When ever a message is posted on the queue the MDB is notified and the message is consumed from the active server.


      This is similar to examples of jca-remote and jca-config examples available under the javaee folder of HornetQ distribution.


      Now if there are more than one set of active and stand-by servers in a cluster is there a way for the MDB to listen on the different active servers?


      How can the configuration be done for this?


      Please suggest...