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    GateIn 3.1 and WSRP

    Tobias Hofmann Newbie

      Anyone succeeded in consuming remote portlets in GateIn?


      I'm trying to consume portlets via WSRP. For producer and consumer I'm using GateIn 3.1.0. The connection between producer and consumer was done and activated. But I cannot consume a portlet deployed on the producer.



      I'm using the JBoss sample helloworld portlet from: http://www.jboss.org/portletswap/downloads/samples.html


      As suggested by the GatIn documentation: http://docs.jboss.com/gatein/portal/3.1.0-FINAL/reference-guide/en-US/html/wsrp.html I added the remotable part to: portlet.xml


      and depolyed the WAR (GateIn-3.1.0-GA/server/default/deploy)
      -> WAR got deployed sucessfully.


      Refreshed the Application Registry on the prodcuer and I can use the helloworld portlet on the producer. After refreshing the application registry refresh on the consumer the portlet won't show up.


      I also added <container-runtime-option> to jboss-portlet.xml, but with the same result.


      How do I deploy a portlet so that it get's recognized as a remotable portlet?