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    Create queues and topics at run-time

    st.bolli Newbie

      Hi all,

            I am a newbie with HornetQ 2.1.2.Final on Jboss 5.1.0AS


      I need to dynamically create queues (and eventually topics) from the Java code at run-time. After their creation it is necessary for my purpose to register the created queues on JNDI.


      Surfing the forum I find the following solution, but it is not clear to me how to bind the created queue to the JNDI bind("jndiString", what object?)


              ClientSessionFactory sf = new ClientSessionFactoryImpl(new TransportConfiguration(NettyConnectorFactory.class.getName()));

              ClientSession coreSession = sf.createSession(false, false, false);

              String queueName = "jms.queue.example00";


              coreSession.createQueue(queueName, queueName, true);


      How can be binded the created queue to JNDI?

      Are there any other possible solution for the same purpose?