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    apache mod_cluster-manager shows jboss but can't bring up admin console through apache

    Mike schwery Novice

      I have a jboss apache cluster made up of jboss 5.0 and apache 2.2.14.

      The link  brings up the admin console.

      The problem is the link brings up nothing.


      The jboss is and is in one vlan and the is apache in a differant vlan.

      We don't have multicast across vlans so on the jboss side the apache ips are hard coded in the proxyList paramater.


      I can see the jboss when I bring up the mod_cluster-admin page on the apache server.

      I can't bring up admin console through apache but can bring it up if I go directly to the jboss server.

      I want to bring up the admin console by hitting the apache server.


      I not sure what to do next, does anyone have an idea of what to do next.