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    How can add information extra for a user in the registry portlet?

    wilson javier Newbie

      I just want to add more information when a user want to register on my site.

      I have read the reference guide and a section of chapter 6 says:




      The User Profile component contains extra information about a user, such as user's personal information, and business information. You can also add additional information about a user if your application requires it.



      My question is how I can do this?, As I can add more fields for other data, and how I can save this data in the database?

      Thank you all for your valuable answers.

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          Hans Peter Newbie

          Hi Wilson,


          the info from the docu ist correct, but the info is not really deep.


          To enter some more fields to a user profile you have to extend the registration

          portlet (or write a new one). Not really nice compared to the old version!


          1) download the src


          2) search for the UIRegisterInputSet


          3) extend the form with fields you need like that:


          addUIFormInput(new UIFormStringInput(EXTRA_NAME, EXTRA_NAME, null)
                      .addValidator(StringLengthValidator.class, 3,45)
                      .addValidator(ExpressionValidator.class, "^[\\p{L}][\\p{ASCII}]+$","FirstCharacterNameValidator.msg")
                      .addValidator(ExpressionValidator.class, "^[\\p{L}][\\p{L}._\\- \\d]+$", "ResourceValidator.msg.Invalid-char")


          4) build this part and deploy it, drop your database and restart your server


          You can find further information about the exo WebUI here:




          hope that helps!