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    SNMP monitoring of MBeans (attributes.xml in snmp-adaptor.sar)

    Evan Homan Newbie

      I want to monitor some attributes of seveal MBeans that are running on my system:


      I have configured my attributes.xml unders snmp-adaptor.sar to include:


      <mbean name="jboss.ha:service=HASingletonDeployer">
            <attribute name="MasterNode"    oid="."/>
            <attribute name="PartitionName" oid="."/>
            <attribute name="TargetStopMethodArgument" oid="."/>
            <attribute name="TargetName" oid="."/>
            <attribute name="State" oid="."/>
            <attribute name="StateString" oid="."/>
            <attribute name="ClusterPartition" oid="."/>



      But with my MIB browser I can only successfully do a get() on String or Int attributes.  Boolean or objects will return an SNMP error.  So, the adaptor is not even "publishing" the OID for those cases.


      For my above list, MasterNode, TargetName, and ClusterPartition fail on SNMP get(), the rest are successful.


      Any workaround for this?


      From the JMX console for org.jboss.ha.singleton.HASingletonController:


      TargetName javax.management.ObjectName
      StateString java.lang.String
      MasterNode boolean
      ClusterPartition org.jboss.ha.framework.server.ClusterPartitionMBean
      TargetStartMethod java.lang.String
      TargetStartMethodArgument java.lang.String
      State int
      TargetStopMethodArgument java.lang.String
      PartitionName java.lang.String
      (among others)



      Subsequently learned from another message board that there is an outstanding issue on this: