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    Bad performace in cluster.What is wrong?

    Michal Szymanski Newbie


      Recently we have made small test of Infinispan performance in a cluster and we have had got very bad performance andI have no idea what is wrong.

      For one node we get about 50-100 thousands of put per seconds what is very good result bu when we add at least one more node (on the same serverer) performance is about 1-3 thousends per second We make test on Core2Duo and we are usng  Infinispan 4.1.

      Our program looks like this (Eclipse project and runnable jar file in attachments):


      GlobalConfiguration gc = GlobalConfiguration.getClusteredDefault();
      GlobalConfiguration gc = GlobalConfiguration.getClusteredDefault();
      Configuration c = new Configuration();
      EmbeddedCacheManager cm = new DefaultCacheManager(gc, c);
      Cache defaultCache = cm.getCache();    




      Random generator2 = new Random( );
      long start = System.currentTimeMillis();
      double num=100000;
      int r=0;
      String key="";
      for (int i=0; i<num; i++){
          key = "test" + generator2.nextInt();
          defaultCache.put(key, new Integer(i));
      System.out.println("msg/sec=" + num/ ((double)(System.currentTimeMillis()-start)/1000));