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    WS - security (security_saml)

    Igor JStarter Novice

      I'm trying to make a WS (with basic authentication) client.


      The only way to insert the wsse-security into the header (what i found, if there is another way, please tell) is the saml injection.

      With esb comes the sample security_saml.


      I made a project in eclipse based on security_saml (samples/quickstart)...


      I get the error:

      Calling JBoss Remoting Listener using locator URI: http://localhost:9887
      JBR Class: java.lang.String
      Response from JBoss Remoting Listener 'http://localhost:9887' was '<ack/>'.


      or i get the response '<ack/> when <property name="synchronous" value="false"/>.


      When <property name="synchronous" value="true"/> i get:

      MyServiceName has been configured for security but no AuthenticationRequest could be located in the Message Context. Cannot authenticate without an AuthenticationRequest.


      Can somebody help ?


      BR, Igor!