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    a question about requestdelay

    liumin hu Master



      I have a code snippet like this :


          <a4j:queue requestDelay="500" ignoreDupResponses="true" size="1" sizeExceededBehavior="fireNew" />
          <a4j:jsFunction action="#{bean1.action1}" name="changeDateFin"  requestDelay="500"/>
          <a4j:commandLink action="#{bean1.action2}" ajaxSingle="true" requestDelay="1000" />
          <rich:inputNumberSpinner value="#{bean1.fraction}" onchange="changeDateFin()" />


      when i write something in spinner, then click directly on commanlink. i think the action2 should be called after action1 because it has a 1000ms of delay. But it does not happen like what i want, action1 is callled after action2. Can someone tell me why?


      thanks in advance