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    Nested Container in Portal.xml

    Fred Curry Newbie

      I want to change the default layout of my portal to contain the "One Row, Two Columns" container. I have found in the documentation that a <container> node can be added to the Portal.xml file, however, there are no details around the attributes of the node.


      For the above example, what attributes would I enter in the container node:

      <container id="???" template="???" attribute="???"> </container>


      I ultimately want to create my own container to define my own layout, but I need a decent starting point.



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          Shannon Sumner Newbie

          I know this is an old post - but this is exactly what I want to do.  Did you have any luck setting this up?





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            Jorge Ferreyra Newbie


            This is a two-column distribution, which must be placed inside <portal-layout> tag of portal.xml


            <!-- container of two columns --> 
            <container id="MainContainer" template="system:/groovy/portal/webui/container/UITableAutofitColumnContainer.gtmpl"> 
                <!-- left column --> 
                <container id="LeftContainer" template="system:/groovy/portal/webui/container/UIContainer.gtmpl" width="650px"> 
                <!-- right column --> 
                <container id="RightContainer" template="system:/groovy/portal/webui/container/UIContainer.gtmpl"> 


            In this case, I'm using 3 attributes:


            - template: it defines the container type (mandatory).

            - id: an identificator for container (optional, defined by developer)

            - width: the width of container (optional)





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              Minh Hoang TO Novice

              You could find configuration for some nested container in  web/portal/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/conf/uiconf/portal/webui/container/ContainerConfigOption.groovy