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    ServiceInvoker: failover/retry mechanisms on a call to a Web Service

    daniele sacchetti Newbie



      I'm trying to implement failover/retry mechanisms on a call to a Web Service using ServiceInvoker and I'm getting some errors.


      The Web Service is running at and is the example created by following the instructions at:



      The service that contains the code to implement failover/retry mechanisms via ServiceInvoker is running on the ESB and it is activated by the reception of a JMS message. It is defined by the following actions in jboss-esb.xml:


                  <actions mep="OneWay">
                      <action name="MyFailingSyncAction"  class="EchoClient"/>


      The code in class EchoClient.java is:


      reg.registerEPR("FirstServiceESB","EchoService","",new EPR(new java.net.URI("")),"");
      Message requestMessage = MessageFactory.getInstance().getMessage();
      ServiceInvoker siEcho = new ServiceInvoker("FirstServiceESB","EchoService");
      siEcho.deliverSync(requestMessage, 1000);



      When the service gets executed, the ServiceInvoker does not execute the call to the Web Service and prints the following message on the console:


      11:14:09,741 INFO  [ServiceInvoker] Badly formed EPR [EPR: PortReference < <wsa:Address> >] for Service

      [FirstServiceESB:EchoService] and Message [header: [  ]].Courier for EPR not supported: ESB-unaware EPR used!


      What am I missing and/or where am I making a mistake in using ServiceInvoker?


      Thank you,