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    jboss deployment different module that depends each other

    mariateresa piselli Newbie

      I need to implement a system, deployed on a JBoss AS and made by potentially many Enterprise Module, with the following features:


      1) A main application module (.ear) deployed in JBoss with a 99.99999% up&running SLA
      2) A series of service application deployed inside the same AS, the module (1) depends on.


      The module (1) must not change when a new Service is deployed or an existent Service changes.
      The Service modules can change in time because of new Services installed or enriched.
      Anyway this shouldn't impact on the module (1) since this is an horizontal system that serves every request from our clients to many application servers of
      various nature.
      In particular we should achieve the possibility to inject a new Service class in the module (1) classpath.
      Can you suggest me an approach or a best practice regarding this problem?

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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master


          I think the way is to implement a lookup during runtime.

          A injection will run before @PostConstruct, if the service disapear after starting the main application the link become invalid.


          A dependency, ATM I don't know how depend to another EAR, is also not possible.

          In this case the main application goes down if you redeploy your additional application.


          On the other hand the addon might not be available for a time during redeploy and it depends what you want in this case ??