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    Unexpected behavior moving messages between queues

    John Muhlestein Newbie

      I have the following scenario


      2 topics defined with 3 durable subscriptions (queues) on each topic, so



        -- Store1-T1

        -- Store2-T1

        -- Store3-T1



        -- Store1-T2

        -- Store2-T2

        -- Store3-T2


      Each queue has a selector with a unique element between stores, and a common element between stores (there are messages that go to all stores, and messages that are store specific)


      When I use JMX (either via jconsole, or programatically) to move all messages from the Store1-T1 queue to the Store1-T2 queue, I get a copy of the message in all the queues under the jms.topic.Topic2 address. I assume this is because the messages contain the value that represents the common selector, but I would expect that if I am explicitly declaring that messages need to move from one queue to another, that copies will not be put in other queues in the same address.


      This is not the behavior I expect. What I expect is that if I move messages from Store1-T1 to Store1-T2 that Store1-T2 is the only queue that will have that message.