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    JBPM_PROCESSDEFINITION table 'losing' rows in Oracle

    Michael Holtzman Newbie

      Greetings. We are seeing some odd behavior with jBPM 3.1.2 and Oracle.


      For no particular reason (that we can see), the JBPM_PROCESSDEFINITION table is missing rows. A user will attempt to instantiate a process instance, and jBPM will claim that the definition does not exist. If the defintion is redeployed, everything is fine.


      We maintain our own table of deployment history. So according to our table, the current version of the named definition is 6, but deploying to jBPM returns the current version as 3, or 1, or whatever, when we are expecting the new version to be 7.


      More important than the cause of this problem would be how to recover. We have the history of deployments (including the xml representation of the definition). We could redeploy the missing versions, but the new ProcessDefinition objects would have the wrong ID_ property. Is it possible to specifiy a target ID_ or change the ID_ of a ProcessDefinition?


      Anyone have any insight into what might be causing the problem? We suspect that copying and/or upgrading the database is the culprit but we've done that dozens of times without a problem. Also, any ideas on recovery would be great.




      Mike Holtzman