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    Problems with SamlPrincipal, requests and ExternalAuthenticator not being Serializable

    jonananas Newbie

      I'm having trouble with some PicketLink classes not being serializable:


      • org.picketlink.identity.seam.federation.SamlPrincipal
      • org.picketlink.identity.seam.federation.requests
      • org.picketlink.identity.seam.federation.ExternalAuthenticator


      To be honest, I have not investigated in great length why ExternalAuthenticator need to be serializable in my app. But for SamlPincipal and requests I get SerializableException when swapping the session to disk, causing identity to get serialized, and also SamlPrincipal.


      My questions regarding this is:

      1. Since Identity is serializable it seems to me SamlPrincipal should be?
      2. Is there a reason other than cleanliness for not making a class serializable?
      3. If not, would you please consider serialize these three classes in the next version of PicketLink (i'm using my own overriding versions at the moment, but it's a bit unclean and might make future upgrades a hassle).


      -- Jonas