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    inputNumberSlider not aligned with its inputbox

    Blu3 Ros3 Newbie



      I have a number of problems when using inputNumberSlider:


      1. the inputtextbox and the slider are not aligned when rendered on the page (see attachment)

      2. Adding attribute: required="true" does not automatically add an asterisk on the label (required="true" does this on other non-richfaces UI)

      3. Does not allow user to add  "class=" attribute for additional styling, e.g. need to render the row containing this component a different color.


      Here is the code:


      <h:outputLabel for="foapal1" value="#{text['posting.foapalNum1']}" styleClass="desc" class="requiredField"/>
      <h:inputText id="foapal1" value="#{createPosting.posting.fopalNumber1}" required="true" styleClass="text medium;" />

      <h:outputLabel for="foapalPercentage1" value="#{text['posting.fopalPercent1']}" styleClass="desc" class="requiredField"/>
      <rich:inputNumberSlider value="#{createPosting.posting.fopalPercentage1} required="true""/>