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    HTML CSS Standards

    Kriya Studio Newbie

      I'm having trouble trying to change some styles by CSS for the dataTable in richfaces. I'm trying to change a particular field/input (header), but can't retrive the value by ID... example:


      <th id="tabelaUsuario:idheader" >



      doing that in the css just can't be done.


      #ID { do style stuff }


      anyone knows how can i get that working?



      I'm new at richfaces, have gone looking in how the richfaces renders the page, and... can't figure out why it so poor html/css standardize.

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          Nick Belaevski Master

          Hi Kriya,


          JSF uses colon (':') symbol as a separator char in client id. So, you can:


          1) Use rich:jQuery component

          2) Use rich:clientId(...) function and escape colons via slash

          3) Use rich-* CSS classes that comes with all RF components

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            Kriya Studio Newbie

            ok, thanks for the reply... The only thing I don't understand is the need to do it like that. i need to use a simple statements that can be used with CSS,. Why would I want to write more code and use jQuery or rich components to slow more our web app?


            the render code should be HTML compatible


            (and don't care how many peple say it ain't a problem)... it's just poor compatibility...


            it's like  writing spaguetti code in OOP ( you just going to say.. why in the heck you did that? ). it's the same with web html/css standards


            I might have to write more code... when i can simplie use: my old fashion CSS ID


            to achive the same thing have to do it with jQuery and like 3 more lines of code...



            but thanks for the reply.







            (yap anyone can reply and defend the spaguetti code if they want.. after this post i made)...