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    What is a jms.tempqueue?


      When doing enqueueing on my hornet server I noticed all these jms.tempqueue files popping up. Would someone be able to tell me the ryhme or reason why these are created? Sometimes I see them and sometimes I don't. Right now I enqueued 30 minutes ago and I still see hundreds of them, although they are disappearing slowing. When I do a count messages or list messages both return blanks.


      Screen shot 2010-09-29 at 8.48.36 AM.png

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          these "jms.tempqueue.XXX" you see are HornetQ Core queues which correspond to JMS temporary queues.

          Everytime, one of your client creates a JMS temporary queue (using the JMS API), we create a corresponding queue on HornetQ server.

          These queues are automatically deleted when the client session is closed.