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    How To: Update Richfaces tag library?

    Prathamesh Gaddam Novice

      Dear Team,

      * Configured richfaces 3.3.1 jars in build path
      * Removed older version jar from build path and from WEB-INF/lib

      However in Project Explorer>Project_Name>Web content>Tag Library folder the tag library are older one Richfaces 2.1. How can I update those .tlb from richfaces 3.3.1 jar (in my project's Tag Library folder and then to Jboss Tools Pallete)?

      I'm unable to replace the libraries w.r.t http://www.redhat.com/docs/en-US/JBoss_Developer_Studio/en/jsf/html_single/index.html#PaletteEditor

      Thank you in advance!