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    Incompatability with RichFaces and Oracle's BI Publisher rep

    Mike Maurer Newbie

      I'm using the progress bar and modal panel from RichFaces 3.2.2.SR1 on my JSF page. Works great. Then I added a button that when clicked calls the Oracle BI Publisher API's that return a PDF report for viewing, and added the corresponding Oracle jars to my classpath. This causes some kind of conflict that prevents the progress bar and modal panel from displaying. The RichFaces components work fine on there own, as does the BI Publisher report. But when combined on the same page the conflict results. I have narrowed it down to the "xmlparserv2.jar" from Oracle. If I remove this jar then the RichFaces components start working fine. But then when I try to generate the report it gets an error saying it can't find the class "oracle.xml.parser.v2.XMLDocument", obvously because I removed the jar that contains it. Any ideas what the conflict is and how I can get around it?