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    Perfect integration of a client-webservice in a session-bean ?

    Christian Groove Newbie

      Dear Sirs,


      in EJB3 we know how to create a webservice (server) interface out of  a session bean.

      This has been discussed and published several times and -to my mind- it is perfectly



      But how to do the integration of an webservice client access in your application,

      that is talking to another server? The connection should work similar as i would

      code it using an outbound-JCA or a simple JDBC access.

      I would expect a managed connection or better a pool of already established

      connection to a server, in order to incorporated that connection in the EJB-way

      to manage:


      + connection management

      + avoiding starving TCP/IP Connections

      + timeout handling,

      + transaction management

      + deposit connection information(like target-URL) as a datasource


      How is this managed in the JEE standard ?

      Does anybody know, how JBoss or Webshere7 does manage this ?


      Thank you

      Christian Groove(i)