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    richfaces modelpanal user input sending to jsf backend bean problem with IE6

    srini batta Newbie

      Hello All,


      I am new to richfaces and jsf development.  I got some strange problem with Richfaces:modelpanal.  I am poping up a modelpanal on click of a link in my jspx page and there I am displaying some radio buttons. User will be selecting some radio button and then clicking on submit button. when the user clicks on submit button I am closing the Modelpanal and trying to bind the radio button value with my backend bean property.


      The problem is when I run this functionality in IE 8 or FF 3.5/3.6 it is fine, I am able to get the user selected radio button values in to my backend bean property. But only when I use IE6, I am not able to get the user selected radio button value, alway I am getting NULL value. I checked that whether getter and setter methods are called or not by putting some System.out.printlns.    I am able to see those statements, but I am getting always NULL for the selected radio button in IE6.


      Did anybody faced the same problem with IE6? Is there any limitation for using modelpanal?



      Please help me, I am breaking my head and trying all sort of the things.




      thanks in advance guys..