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    Automatic healing of JMS client

    Saurav Kumar Newbie

      Hello All,


      I am using jboss messaging for events. I am using RMI based rich client application and has implemented MessageListener to listen events.Now, Some times due to network problem or sometimes due to the reset of system time(on clinet machine) JMS event subscription is lost. Although RMI connection is still alive. Unlike http client we are keeping connection forever (24x7). I want to implement a watch dog kind of mechenism by which i will resubscribe to messaging after loosing connection.


      There 2 problems.

      1. There is no callback for exceptions if this breaks. although i have implemented ExceptionListener.

      2. I am not aware of any configuration which ensure autosubriction if it breaks.


      Reproduction scheme. Create a simple ear to conteneously publish events on Topic. On RMI client simply implement MessageListener and ExceptionListner. set system time of clinet machine to 1 hr back.