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    Soap over JMS with CXF

    Anand Jayaraman Newbie



      For some reason i won't be able to use the support given by CXF framework as is.


      Here's what i want to acheive. Please let me know how it can be done in CXF.


      1) Send an textual message (in Soap, XML format) from a Java client to a messaging queue.

      2) On the server side i should be able to intercept this message using an MDB of my own.

      3) This mdb would now invoke the web service based on the message using CXF libraries.


      Please let me know how i can achieve this in CXF.


      This is a bit urgent so a quick help would be appreciated.




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          Jim Ma Apprentice

          You can have a look at the jbossws-cxf samples under cxf/trunk/modules/testsuite/cxf-spring-tests/src/test/java/org/jboss/test/ws/jaxws/samples/jmstransport in jbossws-cxf source code . There is test code demonstrate sending message to a queue from a client, how the jms queue is configured in jboss  what the code looks like to enable the jms transport .  That will be easier than using an MDB to intercept the message.   So far the jms transport is only works for jbossws-cxf with spring installation. Let us know if it works for your case.