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    Problem with character encoding in french

    sarath kumar Newbie

      Hi All,

      I am using Richfaces 3.3(3.3.0 GA). My application supports i18n.
      If i use charset=ISO-8859-1 then i am getting unwanted characters like @é between the letters in french.
      This problem is coming with Rich faces Calendar and Context menu.
      To solve this i changed my page encoding to UTF-8 then the above problem is solved but,I am getting unwanted characters in InputText if i enter some data, when form submitted it is changing to some other text.
      like in place french letter e its changing to é.

      *** i cannot even copy the frech text here, its inserted unwanted charchters in the text as i said above

      This problem only in french locale...

      can anyone help me on this issue..

      Thanks in advance
      Sarath M