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    HornetQ Standalone with JBoss A/S and JBoss ESB

    Paul Raisin Newbie

      Hi,  For resilience puporses I want to runt hornetQ in standalone mode but I am also running independent standalone Jboss ESB and JBoss A/S.  I want both the ESB and A/S to use the standalone HornetQ for their common messaging instead of using the embedded JBoss messaging in both.

      I'm at a loss in how to configure both the ESB and A/S to use HornetQ independently outside of their own VM's.  Can anyone provide some info on doing this or provide a link to this.


      I've gone through the documentation on running HornetQ independently but it appears all the Jboss docs for example only assume that HornetQ will be run in embedded mode.....