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    Jboss Catalina creates new session with old session ID

    Jey Ramasamy Newbie

      Dear folks,

      I  started a new prjoject a week back where we are using Jboss 4.2.3. It is web based application with struts.I just found an interesting issue.  When i login into the application, the container creates a session id[jsessionid] and stores in a cookie.

      When i logout, i invalidate the session. cookie is still there. Now if  i try to login again , container creates new session[ HttpSession ->isnew()] but using the old session id that was stored in cookie. is it a known issue with 4.2 and got  fixed 5.1 [The JBoss Web 2.1.3] ?


      very much appreciate your input  to fix this issue.