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    WEIRD...What is the Servelt spec and JSP spec for JSF1.2 and 1.1?

    Ziyang Zhang Newbie
      1. I searched out that JSF 1.2 requires servler 2.5 and jsp 2.1. If I run JSF1.2 on a server which does not support the specs, what will happen?


      2. I am currently working on a legacy project of my company. The JSF project ueses JSF1.2 Library. But the JBoss server the project runs on is JBoss4.0.2(with Tomcat 5.5.9 inside, Tomecat5.5.9 supports Servlet Spec 2.4 and jsp2.0. http://community.jboss.org/wiki/VersionOfTomcatInJBossAS). But it seems that the projects runs well.......WHY???


      3. I also tried to use JSF2.0 jars instead of JSF1.2 ones which are currently using. And it also works!!! Could somebody tell me why???


      4. I searched out that JSF1.1 works with servlet2.3 and jsp1.2. If I still use the current JBOSS4.0.2, does that mean I can only use JSF1.1?
      5. Here is a piece of web.xml of the project. Does 2.5 means the servlet spec version? In the project, it is 2.5, but I don't think the jboss server we use support 2.5...But the application runs well...


      Thank you very much for your guys' answer. This is really confusing and drives me nuts....