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    PicketLink, LDAP and distinguished name (DN) of the user

    Mut Antu Newbie



      I'm using PicketLink IDM 1.5.0.Alpha01 for getting users from LDAP.

      The unique identifier for a user in LDAP is DN - the distinguished name - and apparently in the configuration file for isAttributeName I have to put an attribute, and there is no "DN" attribute to rely on:



      For instance, for Active Directory there is a "distinguishedName" attribute filled with the needed value, but for OpenLdap there is none.


      So I need that, when I connect to a LDAP repository and get the users form there, the User.getId() to be filled with this value (the DN for each user).

      Is there a possibility to achive that modifying only the configuration xml file for LDAPIdentityStoreImpl?

      Any other ideas?