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    GateIn and Mootools

    joffrey coffineau Newbie

      I'm developping portlet on GateIn and I use Mootools to implement AJAX request inside my portlet.


      The problem I have is that both javascript of GateIn and Mootools are using the same variable : Browser


      But they using it in a différent way, so when I load the page all works, but when I change the state of the portlet ( help to view), the portal change this variable and all the portlet are broken.


      Do you have any clue about a way to fix this ?

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          Trong Tran Master

          Probably this is a conflict issue in javascript variable. Ideally the JS frameworks would be namespaced differently.


          How do you import/register the Mootools JS framework to be used in your portlet ? Could you provide your portlet war ? so we can investigate to find out the fix

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            Trong Tran Master

            Thanks joffrey for the investigation,

            The problem come with the file : PortalHttpRequest.js of the portal


            at line 551 : Browser = eXo.core.Browser;


            So it juste replace the content of the variable Browser which was initiated by the framework Mootools


            So this is considered as a GateIn bug that we shoud not set eXo.core.Browser to the Browser global variale which may cause potential namespace conflict issues


            I have just created a JIRA for this https://jira.jboss.org/browse/GTNPORTAL-1549