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    Customizing JBoss Portal Authentication

    Roy Tang Newbie



      I'm kind of new to JBoss Portal, but I'm tasked to check if it's possible to customize the authentication model used by the portal. Specifically we want to have a PIN field as an additional level of authentication over the password. The PIN field would need to be input during login in addition to the password and we'll also use it in some other cases, but for the purpose of this question, I just want to know how I can customize the portal's authentication model to support this additional field?


      As mentioned I'm newish to JBoss and my experience with portals/portlets in general has been limited to some minor Liferay customization, so any detailed explanation might go over my head quickly (though I'd still appreciate it!); instead I hope someone can suggest what documentation I should be reading or if there's any relevant or useful tutorials somewhere I could look at to get started.


      Thanks very much