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    Modal Panel is not displaying

    Zabin Begum Newbie

      Hi there


      I am going through a peculiar problem with richfaces.  I have been working with richfaces from past 1.8 years but haven't faced this sort of problem.  Can anybody put some light on this issue.


      I have a JSF1.2 project which uses Richfaces 3.3.  Though Richfaces 3.3 is a higher version for JSf1.2, due to some unavoidable circumstance I am using it this way.  Now there are two scenarios:

      1.  In my local workspace I have created a project and the rich faces, jsf and common utils jars are kept in the WEB-INF/lib folder.  For building it I have written my own build.xml as I have few dependency on soem external jars as well as some WARs.  I wrote a jsp in which I am am calling a modal panel.  In this scenario everything works perfectly fine, that means the modal panel is getting called and is displayed.


      2.  But in the 2nd scenario, I am repeating the same thing, but this time my workspace is created in the server, that is not my my local, but the JBoss server and JRE/JDK configuration is in my local.  That means thought the workspace is in the server but the project is running on my local JBoss.  In this scenario the modal panel is not getting called.


      I had two copies of richfaces jars, on ein the project and other in the JBoss lib, so I removed it from the JBoss lib but still having the same issue.


      Anybody have any idea, what is going wrong here.  I am breaking my head into this from the start of this week. Please help!

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          Zabin Begum Newbie

          Hi there


          At last I got the root of the problem.  Actually I have added one javascript to my template which was corrupt.  So I removed that and it is working fine now .  But I don't understand that, the corrupt javascript was not at all used in the page then why this problem occured.  If at all that corrupted js was getting called then why other js were working properly other than this modal panel.


          I know this is not the best place to get the answer for this javascript query.  I will ask it somewhere else.


          Enjoy Fellas

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            Ilya Shaikovsky Master

            after the first JS error occured during some scripts initialization - all the other - no initialized. so this was a reason.