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    jboss/mod-jk feeding up raw jsp files

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      What'd I miss? I'm setting up a server, largely mimicing another we have. I've installed jboss-4.2.3.GA and that is serving up our app on port 8080 correctly. I then set up apache httpd and built mod-jk (current stable versions), but that's not working right. When I hit a page (on default port 80), it returns back the raw jsp file, almost as if it's treating it like an html page. (In fact, hitting an html does get rendered correctly.) No errors in jboss or apache logs. I've looked at a couple different how-to and diff'd files against the original server, but I can find what is wrong. I'm stuck here.


      Attached are what I think are the relevant files. I'd appreciate any direction on this.

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          I made some progress on this by setting JkLogLevel to debug. That showed me errors like this:

          [Thu Oct 07 22:52:35 2010][13016:3086043744] [debug] jk_translate::mod_jk.c (3425): missing uri map for www.mysite.com:/
          [Thu Oct 07 22:52:35 2010][13016:3086043744] [debug] jk_map_to_storage::mod_jk.c (3585): missing uri map for www.mysite.com:/


          Searching on that led me to this posting and adding "JkMountCopy On" to my virtual hosts in httpd.conf, and it's working better. It looks like there is still an issue with this and https, but that'll wait til morning (at the earliest).

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