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    IE6 and richfaces 3.3.1


      we are having strange Problems with richfaces 3.3.1 and IE6
      Please visit the richfaces demo site with ie6
      Select the datatable filtering / soring example

      Try to sort or filter the tables.

      We are getting some strange javascript errors when doing this:-(
      Can this be confirmed?
      With IE7 or FF we experience no problems

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          I have tried to see your problem.
          Under IE6.0.2900.2180. all seems OK for me.

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            Thanks for trying.
            So what could be the problem.
            We have tried this with differnt versions for IE6.
            One comes from a freeshly installed WinXP. On Tuesday i will have a look what the concrete version is.
            Our customers stick to IE6:-(
            So richfaces must support this. With the demo for 3.3.0GA we have not experienced any problem. But the demo site for 3.3.1GA yields many javascript errors on differnt demos. Sometimes you have to click around before any error dialog pops up.

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              I'm wondering if there are any caching issues, or plugin differences.

              Also could you provide some more details of the issues you are seeing.

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                It is not easy to tell details:-(
                Today my IE6 is working like a charm with the RF demo site.
                But it was not possible to login in our own application:-(
                We will investigate further and report back when we have found issues