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    Problem with JBoss5.1.0 cluster?

    Arpit Agrawal Newbie


      I have created a cluster as per the documentation provided with the JBoss 5.1.0 server. But I am facing the problem with the cluster.

      Problem: Basically I am having 2 nodes in same multihomed JBoss server with same ip address(copied all folder in server folder) and I also configured mod_jk.

      I have started server nodeA with ports-default and nodeB with ports-02. My application is working fine, but if I shutdown nodeA which is running on ports-default, my cluster is getting down. Request is not getting processed further (Partition is getting killed and all the connections are getting closed). But if I tried other way around, NodeA is working and shutdown nodeB which is running on ports-02. Cluster is working fine.


      Can anyone help me on this.?



      Thanks in Advance