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    No error reported when sending to nonexistent queue with core API

    Karl Hennig Newbie



      I began using HornetQ today and have encountered what I think is an odd inconsistency:


      -- When using the JMS API, if I use a producer to send a message to a nonexistent queue, I get an exception

      -- When using the HornetQ core API, if I do the same thing, I get no exception


      Is this a bug or do I need to alter the configuration?  Both tests had the same broker configs.


      Furthermore,  I don't understand why when using the HornetQ API the session is not  started until after the producer does its send.


      What  I really want is to be informed (via exception) if the producer's send  is not completely acknowledged by the broker as having been placed on  the queue properly.  Do I need to disable more optimizations?  I have  already set blocking on durable/nondurable send to true.


      Thank you for any help.