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    Using HornetQ JMS objects through JNDI without a JNDI server

    mpierce Newbie

      I wanted client-side-only JNDI like what ActiveMQ supports with its custom InitialContextFactory:  http://activemq.apache.org/jndi-support.html

      HornetQ doesn't have anything like that, so I wrote a blog post about it (including source for a HornetQ-based equivalent InitialContextFactory).  http://eng.genius.com/blog/2010/10/08/using-hornetq-without-a-separate-jndi-server/


      Just for fun, I also included a class you may find useful for running a JMS broker for your unit tests.


      I hope these classes can make it easier for other people to migrate from ActiveMQ. (I've still got one barrier left: there's no convenient way to configure destinations and connection factories inside Tomcat's simple JNDI configuration.)