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    Gatein Simple Portal and Portal <-> Portlet Communication

    Markus Schulz Newbie



      I'm searching for a way to access an attribute which was set in a specific portlet (session-aware) from the portal (jsp-Tag or jsp-page).

      in detail:

      a user selects an option in a portlet, the portlet save this selection into the PortletSession (application scope).


      Then the portal-Page should read this attribute and render the portal-page according to this variable differently.


      I've tried to get the value from the Portal-HttpSession object, but the PortletSession objects was not there, looks like they will be saved anywhere else...i've tried to debug the Portal to see where the PortletSession was injected during a portlet-render call, but still without luck.


      anybody knows a way to access the PortletSession from the portal-page?