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    Two valueChangeListeners inside one form does not fire properly.

    Anu B Newbie

      Hi Team,

      I have a rich Calendar and a selectOneMenu inside a single form.

      <rich:calendar id="inceptionDate" value="#{sale.saleBO.inceptionDate}"

      datePattern="dd-MMM-yyyy" disabled="#{sale.disableAll}"












      h:selectOneMenu id="status" value="#{sale.saleBO.status}"



      valueChangeListener="#{sale.statusChange}" disabled="#{sale.disableAll}"



      reRender="form-data,result-message" onchange="submit()">



      <f:selectItems value="#{salesManager.statusList}" />





      When I test this, the calendar's changeListener get triigered when i change the select menu. And nothing is triggered when I select a date.

      If I remove the valueChangeListener in the Calendar, then the selectMenu works fine.

      How can I fix this? Am I doing something wrong? Please advise.