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    mod_cluster and load-demo text app.

    Jeff MacDonald Newbie



      I'm just diving into mod_cluster now. I setup httpd and Jboss AS 6, read the docs and went thru the quick start chapter.


      A few simple questions to get me on the right track..


      1: If my jboss admin console works just fine here: http://devcluster01.toronto.terida.net:8080/admin-console , and I deploy the load-demo.war, should I reasonably expect to be able to browse to here, to at least confirm it deployed right? http://devcluster01.toronto.terida.net:8080/load-demo ??


      Cause I can't . It says

      HTTP Status 404 - /load-demo/


      2: I kinda had assumed at the end of going thru the quick start chapter, that I'd have a working one node cluster ready. However its more obvious now that its just a quick start to have the environemnt ready, and there is still some learning/configuring to do before things work perfectly...


      Is that accurate or did i miss something? I'm not sure how to check if my httpd is advertizing correctly and if jboss is looking correctly.


      My Http Vhost section looks like this [i used the httpd from the jboss site, not a RPM one or source or anythign else, so this is largly unchanged]


      # Adjust to you hostname and subnet.
      <IfModule manager_module>
        ManagerBalancerName mycluster
          ServerName devcluster01.toronto.terida.net
          <Directory />
           Order allow,deny
           Allow from all


          KeepAliveTimeout 300
          MaxKeepAliveRequests 0
          ServerAdvertise on
          AdvertiseFrequency 5
          #AdvertiseSecurityKey secret
          #AdvertiseGroup @ADVIP@:23364


          <Location /mod_cluster_manager>
             SetHandler mod_cluster-manager
             Order allow,deny
             Allow from all




      As for jboss, the only thing i changed was to run it with -b so it would listen on all interfaces vs just localhost.


      THanks for your time and patience.