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    Javascript error in the forum prevents replying

    Julien HENRY Newbie



      I'm using Firefox 3.6.6 and I am unable to relpy to a discussion. When I click on the reply link I get the following Javascript error:



      Erreur : missing ) after argument list
      Fichier Source : http://community.jboss.org/4.5.3/resources/scripts/gen/8ce682b57bb7d4298fa2dae94e2c13cc.js
      Ligne : 146, Colonne : 201
      Code Source :
      alue="false" id="rbq02"  checked />                  <label for="rbq02">       <img src="/4.5.3/images/transparent.png" alt="" class="jive-icon-sml jive-icon-discussion-question" /> Non, ma question n'a pas encore été répondue.                 </label> 



      and the relpy area doesn't appear.



      I also tried with IE 7 but this time I not even able to login (the login page contains error that prevent it to be displayed).


      Feel free to ask if you need more info.