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    RichFaces JSF 2.1 Proposed Enhancements and Issues

    Nick Belaevski Master

      I've created this thread to flush out some of my suggestion for JSF 2.1+. Here is the comprehensive document on the topic: http://community.jboss.org/docs/DOC-15752 .


      Provide BaseRenderer class


      In Mojarra implementation of JSF 2.x behaviors handling heavily rely on component renderers, so I think it should be convenient to provide BaseRenderer class with the following functionality:


      • Decoding of request parameters sent by behaviors
      • Encoding event attributes together will all client code for the attached behaviors




      • Dynamic resources: that's a big part of RF 3.x core and JSF 2.0 didn't address the need for generating content on the fly
      • Resource libraries to be added. One component can rely on several resources (e.g. for custom extension to AJAX script jsf.js & ajax.js are loaded). Having resource library that allows to add several resources using one single name allows to handle resources in a portable way
      • Support for resource versions in .jar files. IMHO that's a must for component libraries that do updates of scripts/styles from time to time
      • @ResourceDependency can get "rendered" attribute to control inclusion of necessary resources according to component settings (e.g. component in client mode won't load AJAX script)




      • Visiting tree:
        • Separate facets/children handling in VisitContext
          • provide hint to skip facets
          • expose information about name of facet being visited




      • Pluggable faces-config parsers




      • Access to re-targetable handlers list
      • Custom re-targetable objects