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    Group activity does not appear in jBPM GPD

    Adel Haider Newbie

      === Environment ==============================
      - jBPM Version: 4.4
      - Database: inbuilt hsqldb
      - JDK: 1.6
      - Container: jBoss
      - Configuration: jbpm.cfg.xml only importing files from the jbpm.jar lib itself
      - Libraries: using the exact versions of the libs from inside the jbpm distribution


      === Process ==================================
      <process name="GroupSimple" xmlns="http://jbpm.org/4.4/jpdl">


          <start g="107,163,80,40">


          <group name="evaluate document">
                  <transition to="distribute document" />
              <state name="distribute document">
                  <transition to="collect feedback" />
              <state name="collect feedback">
                  <transition name="approved" to="done" />
                  <transition name="rejected" to="update document" />
              <state name="update document">
                  <transition to="distribute document" />
              <end name="done" />
              <transition to="publish document" />


          <state g="552,174,186,40" name="publish document" />




      === API ===================================
      Eclipse IDE version 3.5.2


      === Stacktrace ==============================



      === Debug logs ==============================


      === Problem description =========================

      I've been going through the example processes provided in the developer guide (http://docs.jboss.com/jbpm/v4/devguide/html_single/#group) and encountered a problem in the GPD. When using a group activity in a process the graphical designer doesn't show the group activity in the process flow (see attached print-screen). This is a problem since my intention is to use the image produced by the graphical designer in documentation.


      I  have been through the jBPM wiki, user forums, etc. but nothing seems to address this issue in any way. Is there a reason for this to occur? Is there any work-around?


      Kind Regards,

      Adel Haider