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    Can stomp client subscribe to hornetq address?

    Keith Irwin Newbie



      I've got a Scala app (using HornetQ libs, not stomp) that creates a producer which sends messages to an address "foo.bar".


      I've got a stomp client (in python) which subscribes to "foo.bar" address. When I run the client after starting a fresh copy of HQ 2.1.2.Final (cluster config), I get an exception:


      HornetQException[errorCode=100 message=Queue device.screen-press does not exist]


      I can't get things to work.


      So, I tried:


        python subscribe "jms.topic.foo.bar"


      and the python script no longer exceptions out with the above error 100.


      However, when I publish to "foo.bar" from Scala (using the native HornetQ libs and not stomp), I do not see any messages in the Python app which subscribes to "jms.topic.foo.bar".


      If I publish from scala to "jms.topic.foo.bar" and consume in python.stomp on "jms.topic.foo.bar", stuff works.


      Thing is, I don't want my scala app to publish to "jms.topic" because of routing issues, and because we're not using jms, and I want other consumers to be able to consume from queues bound to that address, too.


      This docs say:


      "When a Stomp client subscribes (or unsubscribes) for a destination (using a SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE frame), the destination is mapped to a HornetQ queue."


      How do I make this all work? I don't even get how a "queue" can exist on the HornetQ server side outside of a consumer setting one up. Am I missing something here? Are the docs mixing up JMS vs Core concerns in Chapter 45?