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    rich:tab - cannot select items within h:selectManyListBox (firefox 2.0 only)

    trhyer Newbie

      Hello World Community!


      I have a requirement to populate two h:selectManyListBox within a rich:tab component that is contained within a rich:modalPanel dialog box. I have multiple tabs and am populating my content within tabs using "switchType=client". I also have a requirement for this application to work within Firefox 2.0.


      My code works within Firefox 3.x+. However, I can only populate the list box within Firefox 2.0. I am unable to select items within my selectManyListBox.


      I am also able to use the selectManyListBox in a modal panel where it is not contained within a tab or on the base page with no issues.


      Would it be possible to get this functionality to work when tabs are in play? What possible workarounds/fixes can you think of? Any other useful ideas would be appreciated as well.