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    JMS Event Sequence using JBOSS SOA Connection pool

    munimanjunath kalapati Newbie



      I am developing a common logging service using jms.  I used jbossesb pooling for session similar to JMSRouter class implementation.

      When I test the logging service  by posting 1000 messages  all are executed within a couple of seconds.  But the messages are not following the sequence.  I synchronized the utility method which is posting jms message but still no luck. Can someone please help me ?


      I tried the following  cases.


      1.  Posting  messages to jms queue without  any pooling -  works fine but the performance is too low

      2.  Used  jboss java:/JmsXA connection factory for pooling -  Peformance is  great but not following the event sequence

      3. Used  jbossesb connection pooling  -       Performance is great as  same as java:/JMSXA  but the events are not following sequence.



      There is a MDB configured to listen  the messages and log them.



      Any input is helpful