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    jboss as won't register with httpd/mod_cluster

    Jeff MacDonald Newbie



      I've been following along with the Quick start guide in the mod cluster documention. I have httpd setup and running and Jboss as well. I can access the mod_cluster_manager page fine. As well, i tested the "Advertise.java" program to make sure my multicasting works.

      However, I cannot get to /load-demo or /admin-console thru my proxy at all, leading my believe that somehow Jboss isn't "registering" with my httpd/mod_cluster.


      I don't really know where to look to help debug this....


      Here is my section from the httpd.conf


      <IfModule manager_module>
        ManagerBalancerName mycluster
          ServerName devcluster01.toronto.terida.net
          <Directory />
           Order allow,deny
           Allow from all
          AllowDisplay On


          KeepAliveTimeout 300
          MaxKeepAliveRequests 0
          ServerAdvertise on
          AdvertiseFrequency 5
          #AdvertiseSecurityKey secret
          #AdvertiseGroup @ADVIP@:23364


          <Location /mod_cluster_manager>
             SetHandler mod_cluster-manager
             Order allow,deny
             Allow from all




      And as the Docs say "don't touch Jboss AS 6" ... so I didn't but i'm running it with


      run -c all -b


      Incidently, should I be able to browse ? or even [directly on the jboss host, versus thru the proxy?] i've deployed it successfully many times, but have never been able browse to it,but maybe thats intended.